Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

Trane air conditioners are one of the best in the air conditioning industry. They are manufactured by a company that brought innovative ideas to develop models that could help residents in the Middle West deal with the uncomfortable heat, especially during summer.

Trane air conditioners are perfect for both commercial and residential uses. There are available models that are energy efficient, constructed from durable materials and very low maintenance. Here are some examples for your perusal.

XR13 Air Conditioner:

This highly energy efficient air conditioner brings superior comfort to any contemporary home and cost savings. Some of its best features are Climatuff compressor, outdoor coil, louvered panels, rust-resistant baked-on powder paint, non-corrosive basepan and sound insulator. This unit has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 14 which makes it the best replacement choice to provide superior modern home comfort. Several models are available with various dimensions.

XB14 Air Conditioner:

When it comes to premium residential comfort, you can never go wrong with this air conditioner that has superior durability and long lasting reliability, making it a smart investment. It has 16 SEER rating that can effectively beat the stifling heat without putting a hole in your pocket. Some salient features are all-aluminum outdoor coil upgraded fan motor, corrosion-resistant fasteners, non-corrosive basepan and Quick-Sess cabinet.

XB13 Air Conditioner:

This unit provides standard efficiency when it comes to cooling a room. It is a combination of innovative components to provide you with a central cooling comfort, reliable and long-lasting performance. Some of its remarkable features are corrosion-proof fasteners, Duratuff base pan, rust-resistant baked-on powder paint, louvered panels and outdoor coil. This unit is available in various models using R-22 and R-410A refrigerants.

XB300 Air Conditioner:

Reliable coolness is what you will get in this air conditioner. Each model under this product line is made with great attention to details and finest materials. The units are tested to withstand daily use and are known for their durability, long-lasting and efficient performance, compact design and economical operation. They feature corrosion-resistant glossy finish, Climatuff compressor, all aluminum coil, heavy duty coil guard, manual charge assist and lighter yet compact design.

lg 1 ton dual inverter ac Payne PW3CAM009000 PA13AAM09000 High Wall Air Conditioners – 13 Seer Cooling Only:

This air conditioning unit is available in both indoor and outdoor installation. It features a ductless system, R-410A refrigerant, automatic restart, energy savings features such as auto mode, timer and sleep mode, wireless remote, auto swing, low voltage controls, cleanable filters and dehumidification mode.

XL20i Air Conditioner:

This ultra efficient air conditioner is a top of the line when it comes to excellent cooling and superior comfort. Some of its key features are enhanced airflow, efficient performance, ComfortLink II communication system, curable construction, quiet comfort and economical operation. It features a multi-stage fan, sound insulator on its compressor, 2-stage cooling system, louvered panels and Charge Assist for efficiency and enhanced performance.

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